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FEA outsourcing

We help to formalize relations with foreign counterparties

Xenion RUS is an international group of companies specializing in organizing a turnkey import from China, Turkey, the UAE, and European countries

We prefer a long-term partnership
Our main specialization is organizing imports from China on a turnkey basis. We have partners in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Hong Kong, therefore we are reliable in solving problems.
We will pick up your product and/or equipment from a factory and deliver it to your door
Your payment will be transferred between Russian companies without you becoming an FEA subject
Organization of production
We sign a foreign trade contract with a distributor on your behalf or on our behalf.
More about this service:
/Product quality inspection
/Purchase of a product
/Search for suppliers
FEA outsourcing: purchasing and logistics
Full range of services: contact with a factory, transferring payments abroad, customs clearance, logistics, certification of the product.
We work with a variety of products, including:
/Industrial equipment
/Medical products
/Chemical products
Cargo delivery
We pick up the product from a supplier and deliver it to your warehouse. We deliver consolidated and large-sized cargo, organize container transportation.
/Road transportation
/Marine transportation
/Air transportation
/Rail transportation
A range of consulting services in the FEA field, including consultations on legislation and delivery conditions, coordination and evaluation of contracts and other documents, selection of HS (Harmonized System) codes.
We provide an opportunity to minimize the risks of foreign trade transactions.
Parallel import
We will legally purchase a required product: we will find a supplier, prepare documents, collaborate with the factory, check the quality of the product and deliver it to your warehouse in Russia.
Product search for marketplaces

We will facilitate access to a marketplace on a turnkey basis: purchase and deliver a product to your warehouse, help with customs clearance and with transferring your payment abroad. We will issue all the necessary licenses and certificates for marketplaces.
We have been an official partner of national exhibitions of China in the Russian Federation since 2016. Our representative offices operate in China, Germany, the UAE, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan
We require some time to thoroughly review your product, but rest assured that you will receive a clear and understandable estimate.
Free consultation
We will answer all the questions, find an effective solution and calculate the cost of work.

Fill out the form and an expert will call you back to get additional details and answer all of your questions.
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